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Dog behavior is commonly misunderstood, leading to many dogs being wrongly punished or relinquished to shelters for “problems” that could have been easily resolved. In addition, many videos have gone viral of dogs behaving “badly,” which are, in actuality, images of very scared dogs in need of help. wants to empower dog owners with the same knowledge used by dog behaviorists and ethologists, and give people practical tips on how to respond more effectively and humanely. Their hope is that in the end it will lead to better relationships between people and their dogs.

The website teaches people how to figure out for themselves what their dogs are doing and why. It breaks down the common behaviors shown by dogs that tend to frustrate their guardians (i.e. jumping up on people, chewing shoes, and pulling on leash) and explains the different emotional states that can drive such behavior (i.e. growling and snapping is often a sign that the dog is scared).

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Great reads

Both of the books listed above are incredible resources for understanding dogs, our relationship with them, and also the basics of training and learning. I highly recommend both of these as great reads!